Why Are Our Prices So Different?

If you've known us for a while, you probably have noticed that we are pretty in love with Sourdough. You may have also noticed that, unlike other bakeries that have 1-2 prices and sizes for their breads, we have several different prices, shapes, scorings, sizes.

Every flour has a different flavour, different coarseness, different feel and a different way to react to water and to sourdough starter (and, of course, a different price); next time you take a look at our breads, go and see the ingredients list: the flours used are different for each bread, as each dough has a life on its own, a different way to prove and bake, and we want you to experience fully all of these nuances!

We use different flours the way we know it would work best with a particular nut, seed, filling: rye goes wonderfully with sesame, that's why our Tahini Sourdough is made with a percentage of rye flour and not wholemeal, cheddar goes wonderfully with polenta, so we use a percentage of coarse cornmeal inside, seeds go well with wholemeal flour to amplify their flavour, so we created another recipe for it.

We love bread, and we would never cheapen it out buy using the same flour for all productions. You can trust us on that ❤️

Honest & Authentic