Environmental Footprint

Here at Buzzing Bee, we're doing whatever to reduce pollution, we believe that each and everyone of us can make huge changes in tackling global warming by taking small, everyday steps to use less plastic in our life.

PACKAGING: all our packaging is plastic free and compostable, the cute see-through bags we use for our sweets are made of plants! Same goes for the large bags we use when we deliver on a rainy day: they'll last long enough for you to find your bread dry and safe as they are really sturdy, and they can both be recycled with standard polythene but if they do go to landfill they will break down quite quickly. The length of time they will take to biodegrade depends on the conditions and the presence of oxygen, moisture, heat, mechanical stress and/or microbes but will be roughly 6 to 12 months, as opposed to decades or longer for standard polythene buried in landfill.

We make a priority the search for better packaging, that looks good and it's safe for Mother Nature.

DELIVERIES: for our deliveries we use the Bee Mobile, our electric cargo bike. Not only it keeps the bread safe in the front wagon, but it's 100% clean energy, and good as a workout too! Keeps us young, happy and all healthy!