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Trustpilot Reviews

We have been receiving twice weekly deliveries from Buzzing Bee for 15 months and have always enjoyed excellent food and first class service from the very friendly staff. A great find.

Steve - London

Second time I’ve ordered from Buzzing Bee Bakery and I can’t recommend enough! The thoughtfulness from the hand written notes and packaging to the care of the artisan baking is absolutely such high quality and amazing service. A special shout-out to Debs who is such a star and so helpful to any query you may have! Love this place!!! 💖

Tj Cho, London


Since coming across this bakery, I am yet to find anywhere else that makes bread like they do. I love baking at home but when it comes to fresh bread, I will always buy from here. There is so much choice; from bread to stuffed cookies and even pizza dough which can be cooked at home with your own toppings! Things that I have not seen anywhere else. I recommend following Buzzing Bee on Facebook to get regular updates on new products. Cannot wait to try the panetonne!!

Catherine, London

Absolutely delicious cookie cake ordered for my boyfriend's birthday! Great personalised service and was able to get the message I wanted and the date for delivery. Would 100% recommend!

Alyson - London

The best seeded sourdough loaf. Ever.

Amanda - London

As ever great service and delivery and above all wonderful bread and treats!

J - London

We love our weekly bread delivery. Absolutely delicious and the team are all so friendly. Thank you Buzzing Bee Bakery!

Phil - London

Love this local Wandsworth business!
Have ordered the delicious bread and cookies in the past. I ordered a nutella-stuffed cookie cake for my boyfriend's birthday, with a personalised message. Wow! It came in its own box, beautifully packaged, with some paper to heat it up in the oven. It was one of the most delicious things I've ever tasted.
And Debs and Marco are so responsive, answering emails quickly and delivering the items themselves (if you live locally).

Amelia - London

They did a last minute delivery for me for a friends birthday. Made the most amazing cookies, hand wrote a gift note and delivered it first thing after I ordered quite late the night before. Amazing service and even better cookies!

Natasha - London


With her 15 years in the industry, other than experience Debs brings to the table love for a job well done, and authenticity in everything she bakes.

Read her story here

A recipe entirely created by our baker

Chocolate Sourdough

baking industry awards 2021

But is it sweet or savoury?

The Chocolate Sourdough is a classic bread, made with a mix of organic white and wholemeal flours, water and sea salt, and with the addition of a spoonful of light brown sugar, and a dash of semi skimmed milk.

We then take about a third of the dough and mix it with pure bitter cocoa powder, and a little more sugar to counter balance the flavours.

Once it has rested for 4-5 hours, we put the two doughs toghether, add a load of milk and dark chocolate chips, and roll it to create the beautiful marbling you see in the picture!

How to eat it?

- With Nutella

- With Strawberry or Raspberry Jam

- As a base for French Toast

SW London' Exclusive

Every week we reveal the new special!

Hop here on Wednesday evening - Thursday morning to take a look at what our baker has created for you! Recipes inspired by seasonal ingredients, special Holidays, or just to make something that will make you say: OH MY GOD!

Something new every week!

And if you wanna make sure to not miss even one of our specials, subscribe to our weekend bundle, and get it at a fixed, lowered price of £2.50 every Saturday!

How do you... breakfast?

Are you a sweet tooth?

With our selection of Blueberry Bagels, Giant Cookies, sweet sweet Weekend Specials, your morning cravings will be EXTREMELY satisfied!
incredible Breads and bagels

Or more of a Savoury one?

Choose whether you'd like a rye sourdough, a clussic rustic loaf, or tasty tasty bagels, then add eggs, smoked salmon, chives and cream cheese, bacon, cheese...

Naturally lower in gluten

Check out the most digestible, gut-kind bread we have in store

100% Spelt

An ancient grain, it's rustic with slight nutty flavour. It's great for people with slight wheat intolerances* (*Though unfortunately it's not gluten free), it's rich in vitamins and it's grown with little to no pesticides!

...& Rye

With plenty of Rye flour and 100% organic, this Alps-inspired loaf has plenty of sunflower seeds, a spoonful of treacle to give it a slight, smoky sweetness. It goes wonderfully with deli meats, cream cheese and smoked salmon, or raspberry or blackcurrant jam!

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