Khorasan Bread - Weekly Subscription

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Weight: choose between a small loaf (about 400g), or a big one (about 800g), and whether you'd like to receive it once or twice a week. If you'd like to receive a large and a small loaf a week, add to cart both subscriptions. Please note that you'll be contacted to arrange a weekly delivery date, and we cannot guarantee that we'll be able to accommodate the day of your choice, but we'll do our best. 

Khorasan wheat (commercially known as Kamut) is one of most ancient grains we have on earth (=it hasn't been genetically altered), its name refers to the historical region of Iran and it's a really nutritious source of fibres, manganese, magnesium and niacin.

It has a nutty, slightly sweet flavour, has a higher protein content than normal wheat flour, and goes wonderfully with butter and jam!

Please note that the bread you will receive might have a different scoring pattern than the one you see in the picture: we score each loaf based on their consistency to avoid ruining it and for you to have the best product we can make.


White untreated organic flour, organic khorasan flour, water, sea salt.


Contains gluten.

May contain traces of nuts, sesame.

Please drop us an email if you have any allergies.

Please note: all our products are made in a kitchen that handles nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, pistachios, almonds), peanuts, sesame, wheat (gluten), dairy products, eggs, soy.


Please note that the bread you'll be delivered might not be scored with the same design/stencil. Every bread is different as well as it's consistency, so it's decided at the baking moment how it needs to be scored, to avoid ruining it and therefore loose the whole loaf.

Khorasan Bread - Weekly Subscription


I haven't been able to eat commercial bread since eating yours.

Zohreh, London

Thank you so much for the amazing cookies! They only arrived an hour ago and everyone loves them, only two left!! I'll be placing another order sooner than I thought!

Flora, Tunbridge Wells