Artisanal Sourdough Panettone

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SHIPPINGS: all panettone pre-orders will be dispatched (not arrive) on either the 6th December, 13th December or 19th December depending on which option you choose. 

Please note, these are DISPATCH dates, not delivery dates. It is up to the customer to account for shipping times, possible delays and logistics. We will be ship with Royal Mail First Class but any delays are out of our control.

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A classic in every Italian household during Christmas time.

The Panettone is one of the most difficult breads to make for a baker: it takes years of experience to master the technique, the 'Pasta Madre', (the stiff sourdough starter that's in use normally in Italy), the create the perfect recipe for the environment you're working in, and to find the perfect balance of flavours that make this bread a unique experience.

Our recipe comes from 16+ years of experience in the industry: Debs has worked in several bakeries in Italy before moving to England, and Buzzing Bee's recipe combines the places, flavours and experiences that she's had.

To leave nothing to chance, Debs has even found a way to make her own citrus paste, by cooking slowly tangerines, oranges and lemons with a bit of sugar and water, then blend it all together to add to the Panettone, and give it that depth of flavour that you'd expect.

The proving time takes almost 40 hours: we feed the starter 3 times in 12 hours, then prepare the first dough, let it prove for 12 hours, then the second dough, and let it prove for further 12-16 hours, then bake it. This is the traditional way that's made in Milano since before the 18th century (first recorded appearance is in 1599!), and now you understand why proper Panettone is so expensive!

Choose between:

  • the classic 'Milano', with sultanas and candied citrus peel (in the pictures),
  • the Chocolate, with chocolate chips.

Please note that the height of the panettone may slightly change, but the weight is always the same.


Due to limited space, we will make a small number every week until Christmas, so you might not receive it on the exact date you ordered it for, but WE WILL SHIP/DELIVER ALL ORDERS ON TIME FOR CHRISTMAS!.

The Panettone needs to be kept well wrapped in its packaging and it'll last for up to 3/4 weeks, but we do advise to not wait to eat it later than a week upon receiving it, as we are not responsible for incorrect storing and we do not use additives or preservatives (the panettone may dry out). Please contact us if you need any info on how to store it correctly.



Please note that orders larger than 2 kg (including packaging) will incur in a £7.50 extra charge due to higher shipping costs.


Milano: Flour, water, sultanas, sugar, candied lemon and orange peel, butter, eggs, semi skimmed milk, citrus paste (tangerine, orange, lemon, sugar), Italian edible essential oils (orange, lemon, tangerine and elderflower, vanilla), honey, vanilla extract, sea salt, cocoa butter, malt syrup.

Chocolate: Flour, water, sugar, Belgian dark chocolate chips 54%,((Min cocoa 54%) Sugar, Cocoa butter, Cocoa mass, Emulsifier; Soya lecithin, Natural vanilla.), butter, eggs, candied lemon and orange peel, semi skimmed milk, honey, citrus paste (tangerine, orange, lemon, sugar), Italian edible essential oils (orange, lemon, tangerine and elderflower, vanilla), vanilla extract, sea salt, cocoa butter, malt.

Please note that the paper case is not edible.


Milano: wheat (gluten), dairy, eggs, citrus, cocoa.

Chocolate: wheat (gluten), dairy, eggs, citrus, cocoa, soya.

Please note: all our products are made in a kitchen that handles nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, pistachios, almonds), peanuts, sesame, wheat (gluten), dairy products, eggs, soy, mustard.

We deliver our entire menu to selected postcodes in a (circa) 2 mile radius from Wandsworth Town.

As of now, it is impossible for us to send our bread via the post, so sourdough, sweet sourdough, viennoiserie and bread subscriptions are available only in those postcodes.

If by mistake your postcode is not in our delivery area and you add one of the restricted products, the cart will give an error message: you will need to remove the sourdough-based products to proceed with the order.

Sorry for the inconvenience: contact us if you need any additional info.

All production is handmade in-house at Buzzing Bee Baked Things: it means that you can always trust that you’ll have every day the best product ❤️

Deborah, co-owner of Buzzing Bee, is an experienced Baker who has almost 15 years of experience in the industry.

Check out her baking story:

After a year of studies in bakery and pastry school, she worked for 6 years as an apprentice in bakeries around North Eastern Italy, and she run the whole production of a patisserie/coffee shop before moving to England, the country she fell in love with while on a 2013 trip for a Cake Design course at Squires Kitchen School in Farnham, Surrey, in 2014.

After a Cake Design course at Le Cordon Bleu, London, she found a job in North London in a production bakery, to then leave for her first restaurant job. From there she worked in restaurants such as Roka, Aviary at the Royal London House, and The Wolseley (where she was promoted to Junior Sous Chef in under a year).

With all this experience on her shoulders, she launched Buzzing Bee with Marco in June 2019, and now is the bakery wizard in the kitchen, creating and testing the recipes, and being constantly focused on making the best product you could ever have.

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I haven't been able to eat commercial bread since eating yours.

Zohreh, London

Thank you so much for the amazing cookies! They only arrived an hour ago and everyone loves them, only two left!! I'll be placing another order sooner than I thought!

Flora, Tunbridge Wells